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Diego Andre Molina Aguirre was born on 10th of february in 1998. At age 11, Diego began listening to 90s dance music. As he came across modern music made by well known producers like David Guetta or Chuckie, he decided to join that party of names by making his own tracks. He discovered a program for producing music called Fruity Loops Studio (nowadays FL Studio), which he is still using these days.

A few months later, remake by remake, Diego came a bit closer to the originals and soon he felt prepared for producing his own tracks. Then, back in 2011, he signed to AK47 Musical Recordings and his tracks got sold in the main platforms in the internet.

The Daydreamer EP, his lastest album, is mainly composed of electro house tracks, but his lastest tracks are higly influenced by Trap music.


Artists Involved Track Name Year of release Label
Afro Beat 2011
Leo Villagra & DiegoMolinams Housezilla
Diegomolinams & Thomas Fronix Epic